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Seattle Show

Went to the Crocodile Cafe to see The Brunettes on Thursday, for the first show of their North American tour. First up was the opening act, a guy I'd not heard of before called Ferraby Lionheart. He was rather good. His first few songs he played piano, and they had a very mellow and somewhat plaintive sound - he sounded kinda like Hawksley Workman on sedatives. He then switched to a guitar and harmonica, and the remaining songs had a bit twangier of a sound. Still nice, but not quite as enjoyable as the earlier songs.

And then The Brunettes. Who were outstanding. It was a nice venue - small, and we were right up near the stage.

The show was very heavy on stuff from the new album - they did all but maybe one or two songs from the new album (sadly, one of the ones not featured was my favourite from this album, "Stereo (Mono Mono)"). It's understandable - it's their first official US release, and it just came out, so of course they'd be wanting to promote it. And it's probably more interesting material to them, by virtue of being newer. But I'd've liked to have heard a few more of the older songs. They hit pretty much of the essential songs, though, at least.

And the live versions of a lot of the new songs did help win me over on them - they were just different enough from the album to make me notice things in them that hadn't really jumped out at me before.

I was impressed by just how much everyone in the band does. For example, Heather would be singing, playing keyboard, and playing xylophone all at once, and would then switch to clarinet to hit a single note before switching back to the other instruments. And, so make sure that no notes were missed, while she's playing the clarinet Harry would lean over to fill in on the xylophone, inbetween his bits of keyboard, trumpet, and various percussiony things.

Along similar lines, it was impressive when Heather started doing a call-and-response with herself, alternately whistling and playing harmonica.

Other highlights:
-Band introductions via the "name game": "JB, JB, bo-baby, banana-fana-fo-faby, fi-fi-fo-maybe. That's JB" (because apparently "Jonathan" was too many syllables, so for the sake of the song he had to go by JB), and then the name game transitioning into a surprisingly rocking version of "Holding Hands, Feeding Ducks."

-Heather screwing up the lyrics to "Her Hairagami Set", and kinda chuckling as her voice drifted off.

-Dance competition, and Jonathan usurping Harry's position of judge, then being guilted into relinquishing. The prize? A paperback copy of F. Scott Fitzgerald's "Tender Is the Night."

-A new song that's going to be on an upcoming compilation from their label. It was fairly rocking.

-Hand motions to go along with "Brunettes Against Bubblegum Youth." Most especially because of the alternately capital and lower-case letters when spelling out b-A-b-Y (because, alas, one cannot form a capital B easily with one's hands).
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